SINCE 1990

A bit about Michelle De Monnin and De Monnin's Art Studio, Inc.


Michelle has been working as a branding specialist, graphic designer, photographer and web designer for over 30 years. She started De Monnin's Art Studio in 1990. What does this mean for you? Proven creativity, longevity that you can trust and exceptional knowledge in branding, trends and color psychology in branding, just to name a few. She also has a background in fine art, which gives her an illustrative edge to her design work.


Michelle is passionate about branding and beautiful design. She loves functional, yet attractive websites. And she wants to help you grow and expand your organization.


However, she's still working on her own site. They say that if you're busy serving your clients, your personal projects never seem to get finished. It's true. But, Michelle is committed to continuing to work on her own site. Please come back often to check out the progress.


Until then, check out De Monnin's Art Studio's project samples on Facebook and email or call Michelle. She would be honored to help you with your project.